help needed for CF and DF analysis

Shamihoke <>
21 Aug 1999 01:59:03 -0400

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help needed for CF and DF analysis (Shamihoke) (1999-08-21)
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From: Shamihoke <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 21 Aug 1999 01:59:03 -0400
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Keywords: analysis, question

Dear netters:
Given a language X whose syntax is formally defined and semantics are
clearly understood and well-documented, the goal is to perform control
and data flow analysis of programs written in X.

Qn: what analysis can be done, given that the guiding objective is to
write safe programs in X.

1. Any (partial or fragmented ) answers are welcome.
2. More importantly, what do I need to know to answer this question and
any literature you can point me to where I can get that knowledge.

If it is of any use: X is a subset of C in this case.

Thanks in advance

Ravi Shankar Shamihoke
Formal Methods Group

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