porting gcc/libc

Lars Grunewaldt <std7971@et.fh-osnabrueck.de>
7 Aug 1999 01:47:06 -0400

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porting gcc/libc std7971@et.fh-osnabrueck.de (Lars Grunewaldt) (1999-08-07)
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From: Lars Grunewaldt <std7971@et.fh-osnabrueck.de>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 7 Aug 1999 01:47:06 -0400
Organization: CompuServe Interactive Services
Keywords: GCC, C, question, comment


I have to port the gnu c and *all* libraries to another OS. The
problem is that there's no c-compiler on that system, so I don't have
even standard libraries. It's an OS using the ELF standard and i386
CPUs, so I think it should be possible to invoke the most code
Linux-similar. But: where can I find the stdlib, and how are
functions like "fopen" and so on supported by it? The don't seem to
be found in the glibc...

[Basically, you cross-compile from a system where you have tools. There
are plenty of C library sources available, both Linux and BSD versions, but
I find it hard to believe that an OS that uses ELF objects wouldn't have
a C compiler somewhere. How do they rebuild the OS itself? -John]

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