Re: lex & yacc training? (Dave Hansen)
7 Aug 1999 01:43:45 -0400

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From: (Dave Hansen)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 7 Aug 1999 01:43:45 -0400
Organization: B-Tree Systems, Inc.
References: 99-08-026
Keywords: lex, yacc, books, comment

"Allen May" <> wrote:
>Could someone list companies that offering training in lex & yacc?
>Not finding anything offered locally.

>[Make me an offer. -John]

Or buy his book. Lex & Yacc by Levine, Mason, and Brown is about $24
at Amazon. Well worth the cost if you're going to be using these


[If you're going to buy the book, wait until next month. They'll be
reprinting and fixing a bunch of minor errors shortly. -John]

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