C -> Java Bytecode (and GCC)

s337240@student.uq.edu.au (Trent Waddington)
1 Aug 1999 00:02:19 -0400

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C -> Java Bytecode (and GCC) s337240@student.uq.edu.au (1999-08-01)
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From: s337240@student.uq.edu.au (Trent Waddington)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 1 Aug 1999 00:02:19 -0400
Organization: University of Queensland
Keywords: C, Java, GCC

Hi.. I'm currently working on a gcc backend to produce java bytecode
from lowlevel c input files (which are the intermediate language of a
binary translator). I'm really bored out of my mind and I'm wondering
if anyone knows of a tool which can do C -> java bytecode
translation.. What I hope to gain out of gcc is the classical
optimisations so it would be pretty silly to just do a naive
translation but I'd still like to see it.. This lowlevel C has no
global data and no structured control flow (ie, everything is labels
and if/gotos).. so to do C->Java sourcecode translation I would have
to structure it and I don't want to do that either :)

Does anyone have any experience targeting GCC to a new platform that
they can throw my way.. I've been relying mainly on Stallman's paper
and "Porting the GNU C Compiler for Dummies (tentative title)" which
is a very good paper on something that you would consider easy until
you start seeing stupid uses of registers in your asm output that you
just can't explain and won't go away no matter what header file
options you change.

Trent Waddington

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