YACC with infinite lookahead

Daniele Benegiamo <daniele.benegiamo@aleph.it>
16 May 1999 23:55:52 -0400

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From: Daniele Benegiamo <daniele.benegiamo@aleph.it>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 16 May 1999 23:55:52 -0400
Organization: I.NET S.p.A
Keywords: yacc, parse, question, comment

Someone know if there exists a version of YACC with infinite lookahead?

I'm writing a compiler for a new language and I have found that LALR(1)
implemented by Yacc needs too adjustments in the grammar that make it
too unreadable.

I have tried to use PCCTS but his syntax is too complex and the problem
of readability is not resolved. Instead the syntax of Yacc is ok but
have the lookahead problem.

Thanks, Daniele.

Daniele "kafumanto" Benegiamo | mailto:Daniele.Benegiamo@aleph.it
                                                                | http://www.aleph.it/~benegiamo
[I doubt it. There have been versions of yacc that can back up and try
again, which are nearly essential if you want to parse C++. Give one of
them a try. -John]

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