PAISLEI 1.1 (with LPM C++ Source 2.1) Now in Open Beta

"Quinn Tyler Jackson" <>
16 May 1999 15:35:27 -0400

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PAISLEI 1.1 (with LPM C++ Source 2.1) Now in Open Beta (Quinn Tyler Jackson) (1999-05-16)
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From: "Quinn Tyler Jackson" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.c++
Date: 16 May 1999 15:35:27 -0400
Organization: @Home Network Canada
Keywords: parse, tools, available


I am pleased to announce that version 1.1 of The PAISLEI IDE is now in
open beta and available for download at:

The PAISLEI IDE is a copyrighted freeware Win32 development
environment that allows you to visually develop and debug parsers.
When you have convinced yourself that your parser is behaving as you
wish, you click on a menu and PAISLEI generates a potentially
cross-platform compatible C++ class that behaves exactly as your test
parser. (The parser class only loses platform compatibility when you
added platform specific code to reductions.)

Also available is the cross platform compatible C++ source (with
HTML documentation) that is the heart of a PAISLEI generated grammar

New to Version 1.1:

      * enhanced IDE (friendlier and prettier than 1.0)
      * enhanced parsing class (making AST generation a snap)
      * three new reduction events
                - you can now attach C++ code to 5 events for every
                    pattern of your grammar, giving you fine granular
                    access to your parse
      * a fully functional example that parses an HTML like
          grammar specification (PAISLEI uses this exact same
          grammar to load its .PSL files)
      * the ability to add your own member data and member functions
          to your grammar class without losing your changes if you
          modify the generated class from within your favorite
          C++ development environment while debugging the reductions
      * full documentation of all of the classes that are no longer
          considered experimental in nature

All that I ask is that testers who download the open beta not
use it for production coding until any remaining kinks have been
ironed out.


Quinn Tyler Jackson
PAISLEI and LPM Author


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