DWARF Debugging Standard?

Brian Nettleton <bn@aonix.com>
29 Apr 1999 00:48:46 -0400

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From: Brian Nettleton <bn@aonix.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 29 Apr 1999 00:48:46 -0400
Organization: Aonix
Keywords: debug, question, comment

Does anyone know who maintains the DWARF Debugging Information Format
"standard". I've got a copy of the standard published by Unix
International (which I've been unable to track down). This standard
is built on top of the SVR4 Application Binary Interface (ABI),
specifically ELF object files. However DWARF doesn't appear to have
ever been folded into the generic SVR4 ABI, although it is referenced
as part of the standard for the supplementary SVR4 PowerPC Embedded

I've been working on adding DWARF debugging information to the Aonix
Ada compiler products and would like to help extend DWARF 2.0
capability to cover the remaining few Ada features not already covered
in the standard.

-Brian Nettleton
[There was a working group called plsig that defined DWARF, but I believe
it's long since disbanded. -John]

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