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22 Apr 1999 02:29:53 -0400

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From: (RogerHA)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 22 Apr 1999 02:29:53 -0400
Organization: AOL,
References: 99-04-063
Keywords: interpreter, design

VandenBerghe) writes:

>>I tried to start a discussion on intermediate languages and was
>>unsuccessful. Thank you to the people that replied directly to me.
>It's hard to start into an open-ended discussion like that; where do
>you begin? It's a big topic. Do you have specific questions? If you
>could frame your concern or confusion into a more focused area, I
>think more people might want to respond.
> ...
>2. Triples or Quads. This is a list of what look like pseudo-machine
>instructions. The first field of each triple is the op code, and the
>second and third fields are the operands. [For quads, the fourth
>field specifies where the result is placed.] Triples define how an
>idealized machine might execute the program, assuming an infinite
>number of registers and other resources. Triples/quads are typically

For a look at a practical example of an intermediate language you
could download the Algol60 system on the web site (free for personal
use). The thing it's closest to is triplets, but being designed for a
stack based virtual machine the operands are in many cases
implied. The help file has a complete specification of the opcodes.

If you have "just Java 1.2" by Peter van der Linden it's on the
companion CD.

Roger Abbott,
RHA (Minisystems) Ltd.
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