CFP: Workshop on Dynamic and Adaptive Compilation and Optimization

Renaud Marlet <>
18 Apr 1999 02:07:05 -0400

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CFP: Workshop on Dynamic and Adaptive Compilation and Optimization (Renaud Marlet) (1999-04-18)
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From: Renaud Marlet <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.arch
Date: 18 Apr 1999 02:07:05 -0400
Organization: IRISA - Campus de Beaulieu - Rennes
Keywords: conference, CFP, optimize

                                                ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on
                        Dynamic and Adaptive Compilation and Optimization

                          To be held January 18, 2000 in conjunction with:
              The 27th Annual ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium on Principles of
                                              Programming Languages (POPL)
                                Boston, Massachusetts, January 19-21, 2000



Research on Dynamic and Adaptive Compilation and related areas has been
sporadic and spread out. The goal of the workshop is to bring together
researchers, practitioners, and implementors in these areas to present
their experience and work in a forum that will allow them to colloborate
and exchange ideas.

The scope of Dynamo includes, but is not limited to:

      * New and innovative analyses and transformations that help dynamic and
          adaptive compilation.
      * Intermediate representations that help improve analyses and
          optimizations for dynamic and adaptive compilation.
      * Tools and techniques for supporting dynamic instrumentation and
          dynamic backpatching.
      * Architectural and system support for dynamic and adaptive
      * Support for garbage collection, multithreading, and exceptions for
          dynamic and adaptive compilation.
      * Formal reasoning of dynamic and adaptive compilation.
      * Techniques for dynamically compiling large server, scientific, and
          other applications.
      * New techniques for partial evaluation, program specialization, etc.,
          for dynamic and adaptive compilation.
      * Language support and extensions for dynamic and adaptive compilation.
      * Performance analysis and empirical results related to dynamic and
          adaptive compilation.
      * Dynamic compiling techniques for supporting active networks and mobile

Dynamo'00 will include an invited talk, technical paper presentations, and
a discussion session whose format will be determined later. Attendance is
open, although enrollment will be capped at 80 people. Students are
encouraged to attend and may apply for support from the Conference
Attendance Program, especially if they have a paper accepted and would also
attend POPL. A proceedings of papers will be published with SIGPLAN.


How to Submit

All submissions must be received by September 17, 1999.

      * Please fill out the following form at or before the time of
      * Please submit a 100-200 word ASCII abstract (to be included in the
          form above) and a 5000 word (or less) paper -- i.e., approximately 10
          pages, typeset 10 point on 16 point -- excluding bibliography and

Submissions must be either electronic (encouraged) or postal (discouraged).

                o Electronic submissions may be sent as a single e-mail message to
           (MIME attachments are allowed). Electronic
                    submissions should be in Postscript form, which must be
                    interpretable by Ghostscript, or Acrobat PDF format. The
                    Postscript must use standard fonts, or include the necessary
                    fonts, and must be prepared for USLetter (8.5"x11") page size,
                    although we will work with A4 if necessary. (Note: the dvips
                    program takes a -t letter setting to force the letter page type.
                    Please use this (only if) dvips is putting A4 commands in the
                    postscript output.) Authors who cannot meet these requirements
                    should submit hardcopy by post instead.
                o Postal submissions must be sent to Jong-Deok Choi by airmail (see
                    address below) and must be received on or before September 15,
                    1999; 10 copies (printed double-sided if possible) must be

These are firm constraints; submissions not meeting the criteria described
above will not be considered.


Important Dates

      * Submissions: September 17, 1999
      * Author notification: November 5, 1999
      * Camera-ready final papers due: December 5, 1999


Workshop Organizers

      Program Chair General Chair

      Jong-Deok Choi Vugranam C. Sreedhar
      IBM T. J. Watson Research Center IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
      30 Saw Mill River Road P.O. Box 704
      Hawthorne, NY 10532 Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
      Email: E-mail:
      Tel: +1- 914-784-7961 Tel.: +1-914-784-7325
      Fax: +1-914-784-7455 Fax: +1-914-784-7455


Program Committee

                  Ron Cytron Washington University - St. Louis
                  Evelyn Duesterwald Hewlett Packard Lab.
                  Susan Eggers University of Washington
                  Renaud Marlet IRISA/INRIA, France
                  Torben Mogensen DIKU, Denmark
                  Soo-Mook Moon Seoul National Univ., South Korea
                  Urs Holzle UC - Santa Barbara
                  Jeff Hollinsgworth University of Maryland - College Park
                  Todd Proebsting Microsoft Research

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