egcs-1.1.2 release

Jeffrey A Law <>
23 Mar 1999 12:26:08 -0500

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egcs-1.1.2 release (Jeffrey A Law) (1999-03-23)
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From: Jeffrey A Law <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 23 Mar 1999 12:26:08 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: GCC, available


      March 15, 1999

      We are pleased to announce the release of egcs-1.1.2.

      egcs is a collaborative effort involving several groups of hackers
      using an open development model to accelerate development and testing
      of GNU compilers and runtime libraries.

      egcs-1.1.2 is a minor update to the egcs-1.1.1 compiler to fix several
      serious problems in egcs-1.1.1.
          * General improvements and fixes
                    + Fix bug in loop optimizer which caused the SPARC (and
                        potentially other) ports to segfault.
                    + Fix infinite recursion in alias analysis and combiner code.
                    + Fix bug in regclass preferencing.
                    + Fix incorrect loop reversal which caused incorrect code to be
                        generated for several targets.
                    + Fix return value for builtin memcpy.
                    + Reduce compile time for certain loops which exposed quadratic
                        behavior in the loop optimizer.
                    + Fix bug which caused volatile memory to be written multiple
                        times when only one write was needed/desired.
                    + Fix compiler abort in caller-save.c
                    + Fix combiner bug which caused incorrect code generation for
                        certain division by constant operations.
                    + Fix incorrect code generation due to a bug in range check
                    + Fix incorrect code generation due to mis-handling of
                        clobbered values in CSE.
                    + Fix compiler abort/segfault due to incorrect register
                        splitting when unrolling loops.
                    + Fix code generation involving autoincremented addresses with
                        ternary operators.
                    + Work around bug in the scheduler which caused qt to be
                        mis-compiled on some platforms.
                    + Fix code generation problems with -fshort-enums.
                    + Tighten security for temporary files.
                    + Improve compile time for codes which make heavy use of
                        overloaded functions.
                    + Fix multiply defined constructor/destructor symbol problems.
                    + Avoid setting bogus RPATH environemnt variable during
                    + Avoid GNU-make dependencies in the texinfo subdir.
                    + Install CPP wrapper script in $(prefix)/bin if --enable-cpp.
                        --enable-cpp= can be used to specify an additional install
                        directory for the cpp wrapper script.
                    + Fix CSE bug which caused incorrect label-label refs to appear
                        on some platforms.
                    + Avoid linking in EH routines from libgcc if they are not
                    + Avoid obscure bug in aliasing code.
                    + Fix bug in weak symbol handling.
          * Platform-specific improvements and fixes
                    + Fix detection of PPro/PII on Unixware 7.
                    + Fix compiler segfault when building spec99 and other programs
                        for SPARC targets.
                    + Fix code-generation bugs for integer and floating point
                        conditional move instructions on the PPro/PII.
                    + Use fixincludes to fix byteorder problems on i?86-*-sysv.
                    + Fix build failure for the arc port.
                    + Fix floating point format configuration for i?86-gnu port
                    + Fix problems with hppa1.0-hp-hpux10.20 configuration when
                        threads are enabled
                    + Fix coldfire code generation bugs.
                    + Fix "unrecognized insn" problems for Alpha and PPC ports.
                    + Fix h8/300 code generation problem with floating point values
                        in memory.
                    + Fix unrecognized insn problems for the m68k port.
                    + Fix namespace-pollution problem for the x86 port.
                    + Fix problems with old assembler on x86 NeXT systems.
                    + Fix PIC code-generation problems for the SPARC port.
                    + Fix minor bug with LONG_CALLS in PowerPC SVR4 support.
                    + Fix minor ISO namespace violation in Alpha varargs/stdarg
                    + Fix incorrect "braf" instruction usage for the SH port.
                    + Fix minor bug in va-sh which prevented its use with -ansi.
                    + Fix problems recognizing and supporting FreeBSD.
                    + Handle OpenBSD systems correctly.
                    + Minor fixincludes fix for Digital UNIX 4.0B.
                    + Fix problems with ctors/dtors in SCO shared libraries.
                    + Abort instead of generating incorrect code for PPro/PII
                        floating point conditional moves.
                    + Avoid multiply defined symbols on Linux/GNU systems using
                    + Fix abort in alpha compiler.

          Fortran-specific fixes
          * Fix the IDate intrinsic (VXT) (in libg2c) so the returned year is
              in the documented, non-Y2K-compliant range of 0-99, instead of
              being returned as 100 in the year 2000.
          * Fix the `Date_and_Time' intrinsic (in libg2c) to return the
              milliseconds value properly in Values(8).
          * Fix the `LStat' intrinsic (in libg2c) to return device-ID
              information properly in SArray(7).

      An important goal of egcs is to allow wide scale testing of new
      features and optimizations which are still under development. However,
      egcs has been carefully tested and should be comparable in quality to
      most gcc releases.

      egcs-1.1.2 is based on the June 6, 1998 snapshot of the gcc-2.8
      development sources; it contains all of the new features found in
      gcc-2.8.1 as well as all new development from gcc2 up to June 6, 1998.

      See the [1]new features page for a more complete list of new features
      found in egcs-1.1 releases.

      The egcs-1.1.2 release includes installation instructions in both HTML
      and plaintext forms (see the INSTALL directory in the toplevel
      directory of the egcs-1.1.2 distribution). However, we also keep the
      most up to date [2]installation instructions and [3]build/test status
      on our web page. We will update those pages as new information becomes

      The egcs project would like to thank the numerous people that have
      contributed new features, test results, bugfixes, etc. This [4]amazing
      group of volunteers is what makes egcs successful.

      And finally, we can't in good conscience fail to mention some
      [5]caveats to using egcs-1.1.2.

This announcement (and others) can be found on the egcs project's
home page.


You can ftp egcs-1.1.2 either as a full release, or as diffs from the
egcs-1.1.1 release from the following sites:

Recommended site:
    US (California)

Mirror Sites:
    US (east coast)
    US (Arizona)
    France (Brittany)
    Czech Republic
    Germany (Berlin)
    Poland (Warsaw)
    Athens, Greece
    Nijmegen, Netherlands
    Tokyo, Japan
    Soviet Union
    Japan (Aizu University)



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