relocation burb ???

"Steve Biskis" <>
23 Mar 1999 00:27:10 -0500

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relocation burb ??? (Steve Biskis) (1999-03-23)
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From: "Steve Biskis" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 23 Mar 1999 00:27:10 -0500
Organization: Time Warner
Keywords: linker, question

Hi all,

Got a question.

I'm trying to compile shared object files for GNUstep under FreeBSD v2.2.8
and I keep getting these suspicious warnings:

Warning: Got relocation burb: `__OBJC_CLASS_XXXXX' should be global

I recognize this as the class definition for an Objective-C class XXXXX but
what is this warning telling me ?

When I try to link the .o files all together into a .so, ld exits on signal

I'm using egcs v1.1.1 with the stock fBSD v2.2.8 linker.


Steve B.

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