Please review "Porting GCC for Dummies" - available via FTP

Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
19 Dec 1998 21:37:29 -0500

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Please review "Porting GCC for Dummies" - available via FTP (Hans-Peter Nilsson) (1998-12-19)
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From: Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 19 Dec 1998 21:37:29 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: GCC, documentation, comment

Feedback most welcome on an introductory document about porting
GCC: "Porting GCC for Dummies" (tentative title). It is based
on my master's thesis, previously announced - so here we go again:
<URL:> (604 K)
- there's .pdf.gz (368K), .ps (1M), and .ps.gz (215K) too.

"Sources" at:
It's a GPL:ed document (with signed papers in place).
  Shameless plug: RMS thought it was worth bothering with, so it
may actually be informative.

Again: Please comment. Contents, packaging, spelling, language,
document-style, name, mumble...
Yes, you people in the woodwork, that includes you! ;-)

Holiday reading, anyone?

Happy Holidays and thank you for your time.
brgds, H-P
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