Parsing of POV files...

Hugo Venancio <>
6 Dec 1998 23:23:01 -0500

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Parsing of POV files... (Hugo Venancio) (1998-12-06)
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From: Hugo Venancio <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 6 Dec 1998 23:23:01 -0500
Organization: Instituto Superior Tecnico
Keywords: parse, question

Do you know if there is some Lex&Yacc files to the parsing of POV-Ray
files (no matter which version is!!!) ?

I'd already got the POV-Ray source files, but I realized that the parser
was not generated by Lex&Yacc (i.e., there is no ".l", or ".y"). It was
completly written in C!

Could anyone help me!??!

Thanks a lot!!!

Hugo Venancio

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