Anyone done a C++/IDL preprocessor in java ?

Morten Christensen <>
30 Oct 1998 13:57:57 -0500

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Anyone done a C++/IDL preprocessor in java ? (Morten Christensen) (1998-10-30)
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From: Morten Christensen <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 30 Oct 1998 13:57:57 -0500
Organization: Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd, Maersk Data AS
Keywords: C++, Java, question

I need to produce a Java tool which can be used to browse all symbols
visible from a specific location in a specific C++, CORBA IDL or Java
source file. That means that I need to incorporate a real
pre-processor for C++ and CORBA IDL, since I must support header
files, conditions and macro expansions. - All of which will have a
major impact on the symbols available and in some cases also their

I should think that this is a common problem and I would like to avoid
spending a log time re-doing a lot of work which has been done before.
Therefore I would like to ask if anyone has done this before in Java
(possibly using JavaCC) or knows of some code available which can be
integrated in my project.

The tool that I need this for is one I am developing privately and
which is designed to help programmers write and update tedious code!
The solution I am after must be in 100% pure Java have and it must be
possible (and legal!) for me to integrate it in my application and
then distribute it.

Any interested contributors to my s.w. will of cause get a copy when it
its available.

Thanks in advance,
Morten Christensen,
Odense, Denmark

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