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Beeblebrox <>
10 Oct 1998 01:03:39 -0400

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From: Beeblebrox <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 10 Oct 1998 01:03:39 -0400
Organization: Groningen University (NL)
References: 98-10-060
Keywords: yacc

Christian Schlange wrote:
> Bison compiles the source and creates the c-file, but this is NOT
> compilable, because some variables doesn't seem to be declared
> (in my case yyval1 and yyval2, in other sources also yytext). This
> seem to be variables used for storing intermediate results, and
> I wonder WHY they aren't declared.

Bison only creates a parser module. You will also have to supply
a lexer module (collect chars from input into tokens).
Have a look at flex, it normally is partner of Bison.

Jan Jongejan 8-{) --me with moustache
Dept. Comp.Sci.,
Univ. of Groningen, and add a cigar...

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