Compiler positions available for week ending October 4
5 Oct 1998 20:45:08 -0400

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Compiler positions available for week ending October 4 (1998-10-05)
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Date: 5 Oct 1998 20:45:08 -0400
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Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 09:43:14 -0700
From: "Todd M. Caplan" <>
Organization: Gary Baer Communications Inc.
Subject: Startup looking for SW and Systems Engineers (Mt View CA, recruiter)

Hi , we are a recruiting firm looking for people with Software and
Hardware related experience. This is a Start-up company with 47 people
strong, and a very strong CEO in place. They are offering significant
stock options as well as a very strong base salary.

If you are interested in any of the positions listed below, please feel
free to contact me at my office or by E-mail. You can also send your
resume by E-mail or Fax.


Todd M.Caplan

# Title Specialty

#99 (Senior) Software Engineer Compiler back-end
#104 (Senior) Software Engineer Tools
#105 Senior Software Engineer / Manager Tools
#106 (Senior) Quality Assurance Engineer Tools
#99 - Software Engineer or Senior Software Engineer [Compiler back-

Job Responsibilities:
* Work with a small team to improve the performance of a novel
internally-designed retargetable C/C++ compiler back end
* Implement new optimizations such as:
* Inter-procedural analysis
* Improved scheduling and register allocation
* Loop unrolling
* Software pipelining
* Improved global and local optimizations
* Profile-based optimizations
* Implement support systems including:
* Debugger
* Processor simulator
* Profiler
* Analyze applications to determine optimizations needed
* Design and modify processor ISAs to match the requirements of
particular applications

Job Requirements:
* BSEE/CS/Math
* 3+ years industry experience
* Experience with compiler back ends
* Object-oriented design and C++ experience
* Some knowledge of computer architecture and hardware concepts
* Ability to rapidly understand large existing code bases
* The right candidate will be able to move rapidly and confidently
to tackle new challenges

#104 - (Senior) Software Engineer [Tools]

Job Responsibilities:
* Work with a small team to design and implement portions of their
internal EDA tools suite, including:
* Digital simulation (event-driven interpreted and compiled)
* Design visualization
* Place and route
* User interface

Job Requirements:
* 3+ years industry experience
* Object-oriented design and C++ experience
* Ability to rapidly understand large existing code bases
* Some knowledge of computer architecture and hardware concepts
* Desireable, but not required, is experience with:
* Simulator frameworks
* EDA concepts (e.g. place and route, schematic capture)
* Windows NT, Visual C++, and the MFC class library
* The right candidate will be able to move rapidly and confidently
to tackle new challenges.

#105 - Senior Software Engineer / Manager [Tools]

Job Responsibilities:
* Participate in the design, implementation, test, debug, and
maintenance of a large (> 100,000 lines) software environment for
simulation and place and route
* Interact with other company groups to determine requirements and
deliver exceptional results consistently and on schedule
* Growth path to manager (3-5 people)

Job Requirements:
* BSEE/CS/Math
* 5+ years industry experience
* Strong C++ and object-oriented design skills
* Some knowledge of low-level digital hardware concepts, such as
digital logic, firmware, microcoding, and FPGAs.
* Desireable, but not required, is experience with simulation
frameworks and other EDA concepts
* The right candidate will be able to move rapidly and confidently
to tackle new challenges

#106 - Quality Assurance Engineer or Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Job Responsibilities:
* Work with a small team to perform a wide variety of testing and
verification duties
* Participate in the development of a novel automated testing
* Work closely with software developers to detect, isolate, and
report defects in all portions of a rapidly changing software

Job Requirements:
* BSEE or BSCS preferred
* 3+ years industry experience
* Familiarity with assembly language programming
* Ability to rapidly understand large existing systems and new
concepts, including bit-level architectural details
* The right candidate will be able to move rapidly and confidently
to tackle new challenges.

Todd M. Caplan
Gary Baer Communications, Inc.
Wk (USA): 800-335-1945
Wk: 307-734-1585
Fax (USA): 800-982-6367
Fax: 307-734-1522


From: (Oege de Moor)
Subject: Postdoc in England funded by Microsoft
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 16:06:47 +0100 (BST)
Organization: Oxford University, England




Oxford University Computing Laboratory has recently started a
three-year research project in collaboration with Microsoft Research
Laboratories. The goal is to develop a new kind of environment for
transformational programming that permits software to be composed from
a set of independent design decisions or "intentions", using
domain-specific notations and optimization strategies. The specific
aim of the Oxford component of the work is to design a meta-language
for the environment, within which domain-specific abstractions can be
described, implemented and reused.

We now have a vacancy for an additional research officer to join the
project with immediate effect, for an initial period of one year, but
with the expectation of an extension to cover the three-year life of
the project, depending on continuation of the research contract.

The research officer will work at Oxford University Computing
Laboratory, together with three research students and three academics,
namely Oege de Moor, Michael Spivey and Bernard Sufrin. The research
officer's specific tasks will include:

(a) identifying suitable features of current meta languages in
compiler construction and automated theorem proving.

(b) designing and building a prototype implementation of a suitable
meta language.

(c) experimenting with the use of that meta language in case studies.

The successful candidate will

* have demonstrated research ability in a Computing-related

* have experience of programming language design and implementation,
transformational programming, or automated theorem proving,

* actively enjoy the challenge of collaborating with engineers working
in industry.

Familiarity with formal methods of program construction will be an

Salary will be on the age and experience related RS1A grade (currently
15,735 to 23,651 p.a.). Applications should clearly state the post
title and be in the form of a full curriculum vitae plus application
letter, together with the names of two referees. Further details and
selection criteria are available from or on request to The
Administrator of the Computing Laboratory.

The completed application should be sent to arrive before the closing
date of Friday 6th November 1998 and be addressed to: The
Administrator, Oxford University Computing Laboratory, Wolfson
Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD. (Email: . Oxford University is an Equal
Opportunities Employer

Informal email enquiries about the academic aspects of
this project and this post are welcome, and should be
directed to one of the academics:
       (Oege de Moor)
       (Michael Spivey)
       (Bernard Sufrin)

Oxford University Computing Laboratory is a full academic department
of the University and at present has twenty-seven academic staff,
thirty-five research officers and approximately sixty doctoral
students, engaged in teaching and carrying out research in computer
science and numerical analysis.

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