Re: FSM code generators (Ken Rose)
4 Oct 1998 01:08:11 -0400

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From: (Ken Rose)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 4 Oct 1998 01:08:11 -0400
Organization: Netcom
References: 98-10-002
Keywords: tools,

Rune Christensen <> wrote:
>I desperately need help on a tool I used a couple of years ago. I
>believe it was named EasyState.

You might take a look at Esterel.

It's a language designed to do finite state systems. It has a
reasonably sensible syntax to describe the behavior that you want from
the state machine, and it will generate either C or hardware netlists.

I understand that it has been used in aircraft flight control systems,
including fly-by-wire designs. It can handle a LOT of states. It
does a pretty good job of shielding you from the underlying
complexity, too.

      Ken Rose

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