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From: (RKRayhawk)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 1 Oct 1998 00:58:22 -0400
Organization: AOL
References: 98-09-167
Keywords: C, architecture

A few additional notes, on succesfully locating DLX C compilers.

I - dcc is GNU GCC

First, a follow up note on a previously mentioned compiler tentatively
known as dcc. It is not distinct from GNU GCC. All free compilers
found are GNU GCC variations with DLX targetting. At

you can find your way to information on

          scc - A compiler for Sun Workstations
          hcc - A compiler for Hewlett Packard Workstations
          mcc - A cross compiler for the MC68000
          dcc - A cross compiler for the DLX (apparently Sun executable)

All of these are GNU GCC compilers. The DLX compiler(dcc), I think, is
actually for Sun environments. These are not ftp sites by the
way. Any observer of these notes who knows how to get to Cornell sites
that have downloadables for DLX GCC are welcome to note them for this

The cited Cornell page is excellent, by the way. You can get an
education from here. There is a "C Language Tutorial," for
example. The site is very easy to use.

II - a 2.7 GCC DLX

There is plenty of DLX material at

for example, from here you can find a gccdlx made with GNU C 2.7.x at
the University of Minnesota

It may well be the best to look to for use of the most recent GCC.

The hypertext will take you to

This is a symbolic link to the most recent of four deployments
(directory dates range from 1/96 thru 2/97).

This good work by Dr. Aaron Sawdey, and others, at UMN is thorough.

IMPORTANTLY, they also note a GNU C library version 1.09 compiled for
DLX. That probably creates an entirely different foundation for DLX
code generation and simulation. Clearly program linkage would be an
issue for researchers. Examiniation of such an area could not be
complete without a review of the putative machine behavior for the
standard lib function invocation.

The web page indicates they have regenned even stdio. (Iterested
parties should look for the libs themselves on this site, regenning
yourself will take considerable time).

This solution permits moving a large class of existing programs into a
DLX research environment. Researchers would not have to code with kid
gloves when using this environment.

The knowledgable author of this material states that the DLX
components have not yet been added to GCC 2.8.x. He encourages that

III - Another direct hit.

Another GCC DLC compiler can be found at

This is McGill University, School of Computer Science, Montreal Quebec,

Directory Dates include 1993, 1994 1996, so this too is fairly recent.
It appears to be a SPARC environment. Interesing items are
      Superdlx superscalar DLX simulator. Object code for SPARC.
      GCC C compiler for DLX. Requires GCC 2.x to compile.
      DLX Simulator, modified version of the original one.
      Some bugs have been fixed in this version.

The download contains the five distinguishing files

This is recent work.

It has no apparent reengineering of C libs.
Has varieties of super DLX simulator.

Site may represent an easier solution for some who are only interested in
using C syntax to generate DLX code for analysis.

This appears to be a further development of work done on GCC 1.x versions.
This is GCC 2.x work.

Robert Rayhawk

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