Re: Tech info on JIT compilers (especially for Java) (Andreas Krall)
31 Aug 1998 12:15:58 -0400

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Re: Tech info on JIT compilers (especially for Java) (1998-08-31)
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From: (Andreas Krall)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 31 Aug 1998 12:15:58 -0400
Organization: Vienna University of Technology, Austria
References: 98-08-201
Keywords: Java, bibliography

Anthon Voigt <> writes:
> I'm implementing a JITcompiler for Java on a 8051, but so far I've had
> trouble finding technical info on JIT compilers. Could anyone refer me
> to a good book on the subject, or articles or a webpage.

On my homepage you can find articles describing the implementation of the
CACAO JIT compiler.

Further references are:

                AUTHOR = {Ali-Reza Adl-Tabatabai and Michal Ciernak and Guei-Yuan
                                            Lueh and Vishesh M. Parikh and James M. Stichnoth},
                TITLE = {Fast, Effective Code Generation in a Just-In-Time
                                            {Java} Compiler},
                BOOKTITLE = {Conference on Programming Language Design and
                ORGANIZATION= {ACM},
                SERIES = {SIGPLAN},
                VOLUME = {33(6)},
                ADDRESS = {Montreal},
                YEAR = 1998}

                AUTHOR = {Timothy Cramer and Richard Friedman and Terrence Miller
                                            and David Seberger and Robert Wilson and Mario Wolczko},
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                VOLUME = 17,
                NUMBER = 3,
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                YEAR = 1997}

                AUTHOR = {Kemal Ebcio\u{g}lu and Erik Altman and Erdem Hokenek},
                TITLE = {A {Java} {ILP} Machine based on fast Dynamic
                BOOKTITLE = {MASCOTS'97 - International Workshop on Security and
                                            Efficiency Aspects of {Java}},
                YEAR = 1997}

                AUTHOR = {Cheng-Hsueh A. Hsieh and Maria T. Conte and Teresa L.
                                            Johnson and John C. Gyllenhaal and {Wen-mei} W. Hwu},
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                JOURNAL = {IEEE Computer},
                VOLUME = 30,
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                AUTHOR = {Cheng-Hsueh A. Hsieh and John C. Gyllenhaal and
{Wen-mei} W. Hwu},
                TITLE = {Java Bytecode to Native Code Translation: The
                                            {Caffeine} Prototype and Preliminary Results},
                BOOKTITLE = {29th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on
                                            Microarchitecture (MICRO'29)},
                ADDRES = {Paris},
                YEAR = 1996}

-- Andreas Krall Inst. f. Computersprachen, TU Wien
tel: (+431) 58801/4462 Argentinierstr. 8/4/1851
fax: (+431) 5057838 A-1040 Wien AUSTRIA EUROPE

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