Re: Tech info on JIT compilers (especially for Java)

William Cohen <>
31 Aug 1998 03:22:27 -0400

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Re: Tech info on JIT compilers (especially for Java) (1998-08-31)
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From: William Cohen <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 31 Aug 1998 03:22:27 -0400
Organization: University of Alabama in Huntsville
References: 98-08-201
Keywords: Java

Anthon Voigt wrote:
> I'm implementing a JITcompiler for Java on a 8051, but so far I've had
> trouble finding technical info on JIT compilers. Could anyone refer me
> to a good book on the subject, or articles or a webpage.

I made a presentation for our research group about Just-In-Time (JIT)
compilation last fall. The slides from the presentation are available
at It is
meant as an introduction to the subject and does not go into great

You might broaden your search and look at the binary-to-binary
translators, e.g. FX!32 (i86->alpha)
( by DEC and Embra
( Many of the techniques used in
these binary-to-binary translators are applicable to generating
high-performance Java Virtual Machines.

On a 8051 you might be a bit tight on space to implement a JIT
(assuming a 16-bit address space). Good luck.

--Will Cohen

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