Master's thesis draft available on porting GCC to the CRIS architecture.

Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
30 Aug 1998 10:12:28 -0400

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Master's thesis draft available on porting GCC to the CRIS architectur (Hans-Peter Nilsson) (1998-08-30)
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From: Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 30 Aug 1998 10:12:28 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: GCC, report, available

A draft of my master's thesis report on a port of GCC as a
cross-compiler is now available in various file formats, located at:

<URL:> (1.1 M)
<URL:> (260 K)
<URL:> (767 K)
<URL:> (488 K)
(Software compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3.0 is necessary
for the PDF format. The page size is A4.)

Comments are welcome.

This master's thesis report presents the work of retargeting the Gnu C
compiler (Gnu CC, GCC) to a processor with a fairly simple general
architecture; the CRIS, resulting in the gcc-cris compiler.
  The report is aimed at describing the work of porting, in such a manner
as to be usable as a guide to porting GCC for use as a cross-compiler
for similar architectures.

  The target system type is an embedded system, centered around networked
communication applications.

  In aiming a target system, GCC has a rich set of parameters, and a
special machine description language. Many of the machine parameters
are analyzed and explained. The version originally ported was GCC
version 2.1, but the report is up-to-date to at least version 2.8.1 and
to the experimental egcs variant up to at least version 1.1.

  The target system and the thoughts behind it are described.
Measurements on performance of actual applications, while changing key
machine parameters of GCC, are presented.

brgds, H-P
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