Converting regex to DFA - rule diagram (Peter A. Friend)
19 Aug 1998 21:28:12 -0400

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From: (Peter A. Friend)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 19 Aug 1998 21:28:12 -0400
Organization: EarthLink Network, Inc.
Keywords: lex, DFA

I am working on building a regex compiler, and I am using the rules
from the "Dragon Book" to convert the parsed regex to a DFA. To help
with this, I have copied the diagram from page 138 and expanded it a
bit to include lastpos and followpos. I am still working on the
followpos entry for the '?' operator. Comments and/or corrections are
encouraged. Hope someone finds it useful.

Peter Friend

P.S. Getting everything to line up properly was tricky. The LaTeX
source is also on my site as dfa_rules.tex. Note that you will need
the PStricks package.

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