1-pass Assembler Design

"Marv Luse" <marvl@fusionmm.com>
13 Aug 1998 22:14:26 -0400

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From: "Marv Luse" <marvl@fusionmm.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 13 Aug 1998 22:14:26 -0400
Organization: Dimensional Communications
Keywords: assembler, question, comment

I have been pondering the design of a 1-pass assembler and have been
considering schemes for dealing with forward references (i.e., jump to
label not yet found in source code). Does anyone have any suggestions
for a practical scheme for doing this? I have devised several
approaches, but have limited time for investigation, so if someone
could suggest an approach that would be great.

Marv Luse
[Either you have to buffer enough of your output to wait for the
definitions, potentially buffering an entire assembly, or else you
need an output language that permits backpatching. Or if you want to
be really gross, you can write your output file with holes, then
rewind it and backpatch it in place, adjusting checksums and the like
on the way. -John]

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