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Chris Dodd <>
27 Jul 1998 23:16:46 -0400

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From: Chris Dodd <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 Jul 1998 23:16:46 -0400
Organization: ETC
References: 98-07-195
Keywords: parse, realtime wrote:
> What I'm hoping to find is something that generates a yyparse()
> replacement that will return its state when it runs out of input, so
> the parse can be restarted with the same state when more input (the
> next line) is available.

BTYACC <> comes with a variant parser
skeleton that does almost does this. Here's an excerpt from the
README file:

:Btyacc supports the -S flag to use a different parser skeleton,
:changing the way that the parser is called and used. The skeleton
:`push.skel' is included to produce a `passive' parser that you feed
:tokens to (rather than having the parser call a seperate yylex
:routine). With push.skel, yyparse is defined as follows:
:int yyparse(int token, YYSTYPE yylval)
:You should call yyparse repeatedly with successive tokens of input.
:It returns 0 if more input is needed, 1 for a successful parse, and
:-1 for an unrecoverable parse error.

Unfortunately, that's about all the documentation there is for this
`feature'. Being freeware, you get what you pay for...

Chris Dodd

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