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"Scott Stanchfield" <>
26 Jul 1998 13:31:19 -0400

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From: "Scott Stanchfield" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 26 Jul 1998 13:31:19 -0400
Organization: MageLang Institute -
References: 98-07-183
Keywords: tools, PCCTS

> tried, true, supported, and apparently fairly popular. Unfortunately,
> our parser guy thinks the C support of the new java based ANTLR needs
> some more testing before we should try it.

FYI: My company, MageLang Institute, is the one that puts out ANTLR 2.x.
    See for details on ANTLR.

There is no C mode for ANTLR, and due to the OO nature of ANTLR 2.x,
probably never will be.

The new C++ mode is quite new (just released very recently). It was
developed by an avid ANTLR/PCCTS user, not our company. He seems
really into supporting it, though, and I've heard some good things
about it. (If you're using VC++ to compile you need the latest patch
from MS.)

Tom Moog, another avid user is still supporting PCCTS 1.33, and has
fixed many old bugs and enhanced it quite a bit. If you really need a
C mode (as opposed to C++) you would have to use the old version.

Another plus for ANTLR 2.x is that I just finished the first release
of a Visual Debugger, ParseView for it. Ter (Terence Parr) is putting
the finishing touches on v2.4.0, which includes ParseView.
    See for details/status.

I am working on a socket-based interface for ParseView so we can use
it from the generated C++ code (or any other language -- some folks
are working on a couple other generated languages as well). ParseView
is written in (pure) Java so once the interface is done it will allow
debugging on any platform that supports Java and and supported
generated language, as well as remote debugging...

Please feel free to ask questions on
regarding ANTLR, or sign up for the mailing list (see for details)

-- Scott

Scott Stanchfield, Santa Cruz, California, USA
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