About LUX-language(The First Preliminary Message).

"TORNADO" <vmpancov@chat.ru>
21 Jul 1998 11:13:35 -0400

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About LUX-language(The First Preliminary Message). vmpancov@chat.ru (TORNADO) (1998-07-21)
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From: "TORNADO" <vmpancov@chat.ru>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 21 Jul 1998 11:13:35 -0400
Organization: MAXnet Systems
Keywords: available, comment

          About LUX-language(The First Preliminary Message).

There is such Programming Language
Instantaneous compilation
Most quick and most compact executable code
Most quick and most compact code of object's classes
One operator of an expression to one machine instruction
A program is an unit-structure (block-scheme), or a tree

Dear World's programmers, who likes Assembler, C, Forth

          If You want to develop quick, compact and absolutely
understandable, in general and in details, programs, and to translate
these programs, every time, in an instant, read this text. It is very
important for You

      I propose to You in addition to Your favorites languages a new
programming language, named LUX (LinguoUnit's eXpres- sions), as the
Language of CPU's eXpressions, created by myself.
      The LUX-compiler is very quick, and compilates it,s large program,
in 15000 operators, during 0.11 of a second on i486 DX4-100 CPU. It is
self-compiled compiler.
      Any usial program on LUX-language on usual computer can be
translated just in an instant.
      Speed of LUX-compiler can be about one million of operators per a
second on more powerful CPU's.
      LUX-language is between an assembler language and C-language on
this, main, direction, and has best sides of both.
      Like an assembler, LUX-compiler generates each LUX-operator to one
(or, may be, two) CPU's instruction(s).
      But, like C-language, LUX-language use an expressions.
      But, in LUX take place the new computer's mathematic: linearizated
linguounit's expressions for creating compact LUX-functions and the
structure-set of a main program, in general.
      Like an assembler, LUX-compiler generates very quick and very
compact executing code, so good as an assembler, because it, LUX not
need in compiler-optimizer.
      But like C-language, LUX-language has best techniques of program

          It is the Language of Computer's Mathematic !

LUX - are Comfort and Pleasure
LUX - is a Simple in a Complex
LUX - is the Principal direction
LUX - is an Instantaneous compilation
Until One million operators per second -
It is Unsurpassed speed of compilation
LUX - are Computer's Algebra and Harmony
LUX - it is nessary for You, for Yourself
LUX - are Compact modules and Quick modules
A program is an unit-structure (block-scheme)

.. Principal best sides of LUX-system programming.

.. 0.Practicability LUX is language for each user
.. 1.Accessabiltity and Lucidity for beginners.
.. 2.Direct, fluent way for beginners to professional level.
.. 3.Professional level for professional developer.
.. 4.Unlimited possibilites for professional developer.
.. 5.Ideal programming in register's variables.
.. 6.Mobile and computeroriented subsets in the same language.
.. 7.Mobile subset also generates 1 operator to 1 instruction.
.. 8.Compact LUX-expressions, like mathematical expressions.
.. 9.Lucid, homogeneous structure of LUX-expressions units.
.. 10.Compact and viewable program (it is better than in C).
.. 11.Instantaneous dialog reaction in compilation time.
.. 12.Built-in text editor with dialog scenario.
.. 13.Compact executable code of modules and objects classes.
.. 14.Quick executable code of modules and objects classes.
.. 15.Different memory models, including COM FLAT models.
.. 16.Structure orientation and object orientation.
.. 17.Instrument for development functions of objects classes.
.. 18.Classes libraries in executable codes.
.. 19.LUX-languge is result of researching for my(your)self.
.. 20.Discontradictance for other programming languages.
.. 21.Principal way in the hierarchy of functions's languages.
.. 22.Wide range of LUX-language's abstracting level.
.. 23.Smooth passage from basic level to high level language.
.. 24.Widest range of compatibility to instructions sets.
.. 25.Widest range of applications from management to drivers.

          LUX can be a favorite for You
          Visit My guestbook and my homepage
          I am waiting for Your proposes

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Copyright(c) 1998 Victor M.Pancov Russia Obninsk(08439)52901
[If anyone tries this out, let us know if it's of interest. I had
the contributor summarize this from a much, much, longer original.

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