advice on lexing/parsing split (novice)

Scott Finnie <>
17 Jul 1998 10:06:10 -0400

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From: Scott Finnie <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 17 Jul 1998 10:06:10 -0400
Organization: HP
Keywords: lex, parse, question

Please forgive what is probably a very basic question...

We have a need to write parsers for a family of related files. All use
a similar representation, based loosely on the microsoft '.ini' file
format. Our thoughts at present are

1. Build a generic lexer capable of tokeninsing the input.
2. Build / extend parsers to handle the specific grammars of each

My questions are

1. Is this a sensible approach to take?
2. Assuming it is, any guidance on the level to pitch tokens at? The
two options we
                identified were
                (a) tokens are block delimiters (entries in square brackets,
e.g. [entry]) and
                          values (e.g. name-value pairs);
                (b) tokens would be complete sections; i.e. the block delimiter
([entry]) and all
                            associated attribute values.

Any help (including pointers to relevant reference material) gratefully



PS: please copy any responses by email ( - our news
server is a bit eratic.


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