Yacc/Bison grammar documentor...

"Max R. Andersen" <max@cs.auc.dk>
8 Jul 1998 01:43:17 -0400

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Yacc/Bison grammar documentor... max@cs.auc.dk (Max R. Andersen) (1998-07-08)
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From: "Max R. Andersen" <max@cs.auc.dk>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 8 Jul 1998 01:43:17 -0400
Organization: SunSITE Denmark (sunsite.auc.dk)
Keywords: parse, tools, question

I've tried the JavaCC tool from Sun and it had a tool that could take its
input grammar and generate a html file that illustrated the grammar in
clean BNF (all actions removed etc.) ...Is there a similar tool for
YAcc/bison ?

Max R. Andersen (max@cs.auc.dk)

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