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From: (Zvi Lamm)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 5 Jul 1998 21:34:54 -0400
Organization: Hebrew University, Jeruslem, Israel
References: 98-06-154
Keywords: assembler, comment

PAtrick COhen ( wrote:
:> I have to develop a macro processor for the macro used in
:>assembly of IBM 370. You know the MACRO.. MEND block and the AIF, AGO
:>and LCLA , SETA .....

There are some PC emulators for ASM/370. Don't know if they support macro
processing - but if they do you may try to use/hack them.

We may have more suggestions if you tell us your goal! Some how I have a
feeling it is for some Y2K job...
Ehud Lamm
[You could always get one of those 370s in a PC and run Assembler H under
CMS. -John]

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