Object Oriented Compiler Design

Harris Syed <harrissyed@cyberdude.com>
3 Jul 1998 00:46:30 -0400

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Object Oriented Compiler Design harrissyed@cyberdude.com (Harris Syed) (1998-07-03)
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From: Harris Syed <harrissyed@cyberdude.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 3 Jul 1998 00:46:30 -0400
Organization: FAST ICS Karachi
Keywords: OOP, question

As part of my Compiler Construction project I have been able to design
a generic Recursive descent parser based compiler which utilises the
power of OOP's and specifically C++ to provide a fully generic
architecture such that currently any LAttributed grammar can very
easily be parsed by this generic compiler of mine by following very
easy instructions. It also embeds a kind of a Lex as you just have to
give regular expressions and assign tokens to it. The architecture is
designed in such a manner that one only has to use the C++ compiler
enviroment with a support for STL to utilize this architecture, it's
more like a generic compiler making library.

I am looking forward to know about the application of this
library and to know as to how to increase its power ill be moving on
towards an LALR based approach soon as this is also a part of my
Research Paper on generic compiler writing

Thank You
Please feel free to mail me at

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