Compiler positions available for week ending June 21
23 Jun 1998 11:42:31 -0400

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Compiler positions available for week ending June 21 (1998-06-23)
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Date: 23 Jun 1998 11:42:31 -0400
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From: Kelly Atkinson <>
Subject: job openings at Oregon Graduate Inst.
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 11:48:22 +0000
Organization: Oregon Graduate Institute

The Pacific Software Research Center, (
) at the Oregon Graduate Institute is now recruiting highly qualified
individuals at all levels. We currently have openings for faculty (at
all ranks), post-doctoral positions, programmers, and Ph.D. students.

The Center explores declarative techniques for dramatically improving
the software development process. The Center is composed of faculty
(John Launchbury, James Hook, Richard Kieburtz, Tim Sheard, and Andrew
Tolmach), graduate students and professional staff, and currently
numbers over a dozen full-time technical people.

Qualification lists for each of the positions follow below, as well as
a description of the center's current activities. The positions will
remain opened until filled.

- ------------------------------------


FACULTY POSITIONS - Successful candidates will possess a Ph.D. in
computer science or some closely related area. They will have
research interests which lie with-in arms length of existing research
interests of the center, and whose work will be complimentary to
existing personnel. They will build a strong research program that
publishes new and novel results, and attracts excellent students.
They will be well acquainted with grant and proposal writing, and
manage research projects within the center employing post-docs,
programmers, students and professional staff.

The center is recruiting faculty at all ranks. In the Pacific Software
Research Center, the faculty are responsible for attracting external
funding to reach the centers goals. It is the policy of the Center for
senior faculty to mentor junior faculty. All faculty are expected to
help set the Center's policy and direction.

POST-DOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE (position #CSE 1-1-98)- Successful
candidates will be responsible for daily project operations; build large
complex systems using state of the art functional language technology;
be involved in team efforts with responsibilities for meeting project
be responsible for planning and performing research work to ensure
project success; participate in proposal writing. Qualifications
These positions require a Ph.D. in a relevant field, together with
knowledge of software engineering principles and significant knowledge
and experience implementing large systems with functional languages;
excellent communications skills and the ability to work in teams; a
solid grounding in programming languages and compiler construction or
in verification technology. Specific areas of interest include:
Software-enabled control Domain-specific languages as carrier for
formal methods, Hardware Specification and Verification, DSL
construction infrastructure, Industrial DSL demonstrations, functional
language infrastructure.

PROGRAMMER STAFF (position #CSE 3-1-98) - Successful candidates will
have extensive knowledge in using modern applicative languages (such as
SML and Haskell) to program large complex systems. Knowledge of
integrating such
system with traditional environments (Unix, Windows-95/NT) is a strong
plus. Interests in Software-enabled control, and Domain Specific
Language design would also be useful.

Ph.D. STUDENTS - Successful applicants will have broad knowledge in
computing science plus intense interest in improving the state of the
art in software construction. The applicants will speak English
fluently, work well in teams, be self motivated. Interests in all areas
are encouraged.

- --------------------------------------------------------------

The Pacific Software Research Center has active research programs in
compiler technology for functional languages, meta-programming and the
use of design automation tools for software generation, specification,
semantics and implementation of domain specific languages (including
domain analysis), automatic program optimization using fusion and
partial evaluation, the specification of microprocessor
microarchitectures using functional languages, and the use of formal
methods for specification, analysis and verification.

The Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology is an
independent graduate school and research institute located just to the
west of Portland, Oregon. The Pacific Software Research Center is a
component of OGI's Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

* * *

To apply for the FACULTY POSITION, please send a brief description of
research interests, the names of at least three references, and a resume

with a list of publications to:

Chair, Recruiting Committee
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology,
P.O. Box 91000
Portland, OR 97291-1000 USA

Questions about the application procedure can be directed to Other questions (but please no application
materials!) may be directed to Professor Tim Sheard
(, fax : 503-690-1548, phone: 503-690-1439.

* * *

positions, please send a CV with a brief description of your experience,

education, research accomplishments and interests, including the names
of at least three references to:

Position #CSE 1-1-98 (for the Postdoctoral Research Associate position)
    - or -
Position #CSE 3-1-98 (for the Programmer position)

Personnel Office
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology,
P.O. Box 91000
Portland, OR 97291-1000 USA

Questions about the application procedure can be directed to Other questions (but please no application
materials!) may be directed to Professor Tim Sheard
(, fax : 503-690-1548, phone: 503-690-1439.

* * *

To apply to the Ph.D. PROGRAM, application forms are available by

Office of Admissions
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology,
P.O. Box 91000
Portland, OR 97291-1000 USA
Phone: (503) 690-1027
Toll-free 1 (800) 685-2423
FAX: (503) 690-1285
Applicants with forms-capable web browsers may apply at

OGI is an Equal Opportunity Employer and particularly welcomes
applications from qualified women, minorities, and individuals with
disabilities. Appointment is subject to the availability of funding.


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