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15 May 1998 22:40:45 -0400

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From: (Frank Mueller)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 15 May 1998 22:40:45 -0400
Organization: Humboldt University Berlin, Department of Computer Science
Keywords: conference, realtime

                                                  Call for Participation

                                          ACM SIGPLAN 1998 Workshop on
                        Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems (LCTES'98)
                                        Montreal, Canada, June 19-20, 1998
                                          (in conjunction with PLDI'98)


                                                  Workshop Registration

The registration fee is $90 for ACM members and students, $100
otherwise. On-line registration and a registration form for fax/mail
is available at


                                          Workshop Schedule (tentative)

Friday June 19, 1998

12:30-13:15 - Invited Talk:

  * Applying UML to Complex Real-Time Systems, Bran Selic (ObjecTime, USA)

13:30-15:30 - Session 1

  * Integrating Path and Timing Analysis using
      Instruction-Level Simulation Techniques (30 minutes) Thomas
      Lundqvist, Per Stenstrom (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)

  * On Predicting Data Cache Behavior for Real-Time Systems
      (30 minutes) Christian Ferdinand, Reinhard Wilhelm (Universitat
      des Saarlandes, Germany)

  * Automatic Accurate Time-Bound Analysis for High-Level
      Languages (20 minutes) Yanhong A. Liu, Gustavo Gomez (Indiana
      University Bloomington, USA)

  * Extending RT-Linux to Support Flexible Hard Real-Time
      Systems with Optional Components (20 minutes) A. Terrasa,
      A. Espinosa, A. Garcia-Fornes (Universidad Politecnica de
      Valencia, Spain)

  * Limited Preemptible Scheduling to Embrace Cache Memory in
      Real-Time Systems (20 minutes) Sheayun Lee, Chang-Gun Lee,
      Minsuk Lee, Sang Lyul Min, Chong Sang Kim (Seoul National
      University, Korea)

15:30-16:00 - Break

16:00-18:00 - Session 2

  * A uniform reliable multicast protocol with guaranteed
      response times (30 minutes) Laurent George, Pascale Minet (INRIA, France)

  * A Tool to Assist in Fine-Tuning and Debugging Embedded
      Real-Time Systems (30 minutes) Gaurav Arora, David B. Stewart
      (University of Maryland, USA)

  * Debugging Distributed Implementations of Modal Process
      Systems. (20 minutes) Ken Hines, Gaetano Borriello
      (University of Washington Seattle, USA)

  * Using Inferno to Run Java on small devices (20 minutes)
      C. F. Yurkoski, L. R. Rau, B. K. Ellis (Bell Labs, USA)

  * TurboJ, a Java Bytecode-to-Native Compiler (20 minutes)
      Michael Weiss, Francois de Ferriere, Bertrand Delsart, Christian
      Fabre, Frederick Hirsch, E. Andrew Johnson, Vania Joloboff,
      Fridtjof Siebert, Xavier Spengler (Open Group Research Institute, USA)

19:00-??:?? - Reception and Dinner

Saturday, June 20, 1998

7:00-8:00 - Breakfast

8:00-8:45 - Invited Talk:

  * Evaluating ASIC, DSP, and RISC Architectures for Embedded
      Applications, Marc Campbell, (Northrop Grumman, USA)

8:45-9:00 - Break

9:00-10:30 - Session 3

  * Cache-Sensitive Pre-Runtime Scheduling (30 minutes) Daniel
      Kauml;stner, Stephan Thesing (Universitat des Saarlandes Germany)

  * Priority Assignment for Embedded Reactive Real-Time
    Systems (20 minutes) Felice Balarin (Cadence Berekeley Labs, USA)

  * Mapping an Embedded Hard Real-Time Systems SDL
      Specification to an Analyzable Task Network - A Case Study (20
      minutes) Thomas Kolloch, Georg Farber (TU Munchen, Germany)

  * Efficient User-level I/O in the ARX Real-Time Operating
      System (20 minutes) Yangmin Seo, Jungkeun Park, Seongsoo Hong
      (Seoul National University, Korea)

10:30-11:00 - Break

11:00-13:00 - Session 4

  * Machine Descriptions to Build Tools for Embedded Systems
      (30 minutes) Norman Ramsey, Jack W. Davidson (University of Virginia
      Charlottesville, USA)

  * Non-Local Instruction Scheduling with Limited Code Growth
      (30 minutes) Keith D. Cooper, Philip J. Schielke (Rice University,

  * An Efficient Data Partitioning Method for Limited Memory
      Embedded Systems (20 minutes) Anantharaman Sundaram, Santosh
      Pande (University of Cincinnati, USA)

  * A Design Environment for Counterflow Pipeline Synthesis
      (20 minutes) Bruce R. Childers, Jack W. Davidson (University of
      Virginia, USA)

  * End-to-end Optimization in Heterogeneous Distributed
      Real-Time Systems (20 minutes) Seonho Choi (Bowie State
      University, USA)


Frank Mueller Azer Bestavros
Humboldt University Berlin Boston University
Institut fuer Informatik Department of Computer Science
Unter den Linden 6 111 Cummington Street
10099 Berlin, Germany Boston, MA 02215 (USA)
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