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david.witten@template.com (David Witten)
12 May 1998 22:20:08 -0400

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C pretty printing david.witten@template.com (1998-05-12)
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From: david.witten@template.com (David Witten)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 12 May 1998 22:20:08 -0400
Organization: template.com
Keywords: C

Is there a better/more comprehensive program for formatting C code than
the 1994 version of indent available on ftp.gnu.org? Are the versions of
indent on various Unixes (eg Solaris) better than the gnu version?

I would like a program that could be run over several C files as opposed
to an interactive editor. Another of the things that I am looking for
is a program that will allow me to say where spaces on a line should be.
E.g., I would like function calls to look like:

      foo( p1, p2);

I seem to recall reading about a program that took a prototype sample of
code and inferred the formatting from it and then fomatted other code
with what it learned.

-Thanks, David Template Software david.witten@template.com

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