Windows 95 shareware YACC + LEX

Graham Douglas <>
23 Dec 1997 22:59:13 -0500

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Windows 95 shareware YACC + LEX (Graham Douglas) (1997-12-23)
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From: Graham Douglas <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 23 Dec 1997 22:59:13 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: yacc, lex, Windows

Dear Mr Levine

I have found a (shareware -- $50 registration) Windows-95 based
implementation of YACC and LEX

(as discussed below). As of this mailing, the file can be found at:

It's (presently) in beta and queries, requests or bug reports should be
directed to:

I have absolutely no connection with this product but a shareware
Windows "YACC and LEX" is a useful addition. I've just ftp'ed it so
it's far too soon to comment on the product.

Also, the book by J P Bennett (which is excellent) "Intoduction to
Compiling Techniques: A First Course Using ANSI C, LEX and YACC" is
out in a second edition (1996):

                ISBN: 0-07-709221-X (McGraw-Hill)

The FTP site has changed to:


Graham Douglas


Parser Generator
A Windows based YACC and Lex IDE.
Site last updated: 30th November, 1997

Welcome to the Parser Generator homepage. Parser Generator is a
Windows based YACC and Lex IDE. It is a Shareware program and can be
freely distributed providing it is done so in its entirety. It
includes two custom versions of YACC and Lex called AYACC and ALex
respectively. They have had a few modifications, some of which are
listed below.



Below are some of the features that are provided by Parser Generator:
*Project management facility. *Project rebuild mechanism, including
Output window and error mapping to source files. *Full editor
including YACC and Lex syntax colouring. *YACC can generate LALR(1),
CLR(1) and SLR(1) parser tables. *Lex can deal successfully with the
'\0' character. *A Library now holds most of the table driving
code. *YACC= and Lex can generate either fast or compact
parsers/lexical analysers. *= YACC and Lex can generate multiple
parsers/lexical analysers for inclusion in a single
executable. *Parsers can now perform clean up during error
recovery. When a nonterminal is popped off of the stack, an action can
be called. This is useful if say you are building a node tree.

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