Re: 2-3-4 Trees (Barton C. Massey)
19 Dec 1997 00:17:20 -0500

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From: (Barton C. Massey)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 19 Dec 1997 00:17:20 -0500
Organization: CIRL
References: 97-12-140
Keywords: theory

Noam Rotem <> wrote:
> Can anyone send me
> a C/C++ / pseudo code / other implementation
> of 2-3-4 trees, or some
> theoretic general explanations?

In general, this is the book I look in first for such things
these days:

Thomas H. Cormen
Charles E. Leiserson
Ronald L. Rivest
_Introduction to Algorithms_
MIT Press/McGraw-Hill 1993
ISBN 0-262-03141-8 (MIT Press)
ISBN 0-07-013143-0 (McGraw-Hill)

On p. 365, it explains that a 2-3-4 tree is a B-tree with
minimum degree 2 and maximum degree 4 (thus every node has 2,
3, or 4 children). It also notes that "In practice, however,
much larger values of t [min/max degree] are typically used."
IMHO, this is indeed usually a good idea.

Bart Massey


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