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November 1997 TOPLAS on-line (1997-12-12)
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Date: 12 Dec 1997 14:56:38 -0500
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November 1997 TOPLAS is on-line. Except for one paper (being handled
by ACM), all of the TOPLAS November 1997 papers are on-line. Until the
ACM database is updated, we are maintaining a table of contents for
the November issue at

The ACM digital library is still free to everyone through the end of
the year.

Many of the 1996 and 1997 papers papers have been prepared with the
hyperref style package for LaTeX. The citations link to the
bibliography, and figure and section references link to the figures
and sections and bookmarks have been created for section
headings. Bibliography entries to ACM journals and conferences
published in 1985 or later link to the ACM citation page for the
article. For papers 1991 and later, this citation page links to the
full text of the article.

This links are available only in the PDF versions of the papers. When
they are present, lightly colored boxes mark the link. For example,
see the paper in the November 1997 TOPLAS by Martin Rinard and Pedro
Diniz (21 bibliography entries link to ACM citation pages).

The Rinard and Diniz paper also marks another step forward for
TOPLAS. The paper has an on-line appendix in tar-file format, which
contains source code needed to replicate experimental results
presented in the paper, as well as raw data. Hopefully, this will be
the first of many.

Table of contents for TOPLAS Vol. 19, No. 6 (November 1997)

Parallelizing Nonnumerical Code with Selective Scheduling and Software
Soo-Mook Moon and Kemal Ebcioglu
pp. 853-898

Combinatory Formulation of Concurrent Languages
N. Raja and R.K. Shyamasundar
pp. 899-915

A Reflection on Call-by-Value
Amr Sabry and Philip Wadler
pp. 916-941

Commutativity Analysis: A New Analysis Technique for Parallelizing Compilers
Martin C. Rinard and Pedro C. Diniz
pp. 942-991

A Practical Framework for Demand-Driven Interprocedural Data Flow Analysis
Evelyn Duesterwald, Rajiv Gupta, and Mary Lou Soffa
pp. 992-1030

Making Graphs Reducible with Controlled Node Splitting
Johan Janssen and Henk Corporaal
pp. 1031-1053

An Approach for Exploring Code Improving Transformations
Deborah L. Whitfield and Mary Lou Soffa
pp. 1054-1085
Full text not available yet

A Note on "On the Coversion of Indirect to Direct Recursion"
Ting Yu and Owen Kaser
pp. 1086-1088

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