A debug file format question.

Charles Fiterman <cef@geodesic.com>
12 Dec 1997 14:44:43 -0500

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A debug file format question. cef@geodesic.com (Charles Fiterman) (1997-12-12)
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From: Charles Fiterman <cef@geodesic.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 12 Dec 1997 14:44:43 -0500
Organization: Geodesic Systems
Keywords: debug, question

Suppose you have a language where classes and functions can be
transformed. C++ is a good example, templates are a way of
transforming both.

Now suppose you want to attribute things to pieces of code. You may
want to attribute execution time, or storage leaks, or storage in use.

Now suppose the piece of code you trace something back to has
undergone transformation. It isn't just functionA() its
<int,string>functionA(). How does the debug information in various
debug formats convey this information assuming it does?


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