Re: Windows RC grammar?
7 Dec 1997 22:04:31 -0500

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 7 Dec 1997 22:04:31 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 97-11-074 97-12-040
Keywords: parse, Windows (Quinn Tyler Jackson) writes:

>On 13 Nov 1997 23:39:11 -0500, in comp.compilers Kenji Hino wrote:

>>Does anybody know where I can find the yacc/bison grammar of Windows
>>Resource file ?

>Having written a Windows PE and NE (32 and 16 bit) resource decompiler
>for my employer, and as the person in charge of maintaining the beast
>as it gives its best effort on the Front, I can say that I doubt
>Windows resources as encountered in the wild are as tame as a yacc or
>bison grammar would like.

I think he was asking for a resource compiler of .rc files, not a
decompiler of .obj or .exe files.

The next version of the GNU binutils will include a Windows resource
parser. It is able to convert .rc files to .obj files, using a
yacc/lex based grammar. If anybody wants the grammar I used, write
me, but it won't work without the rest of the binutils code.

It can also convert .obj files to something similar to a .rc file,
although I made no strong guarantee that the resulting .rc file would
compile back into an identical .obj file.

Extending this to handle Windows resource .bin files would be


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