Re: Q: regarding regular grammars ... (A Johnstone)
5 Dec 1997 01:13:52 -0500

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From: (A Johnstone)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 5 Dec 1997 01:13:52 -0500
Organization: Royal Holloway, University of London
References: 97-11-136 97-11-164
Keywords: lex

Michael Roach wrote:
: > I thought regular expressions were regular grammars, is that assumption
: > wrong? And if so, could you explain the differences or point me to some
: > references. Thanks.

Karsten Nyblad ( wrote:
: Yes, it is wrong. Regular grammar are a superset of context free
: grammars
: (CFG). Even the class of langauges of CFG's is larger than the class of
: languages of regular expressions.

I think Karsten has misread the original question - Michael was
talking about regular grammars not context free grammars. Contrary to
Karsten's claim, regular grammars are a subset of CFG not a
superset. It is easy to convert from a RE to a RG grammar as long as
the RE doesn't use extended notions like variables (these things are
not really RE's, formally).

I find the Parsing Theory twin volume set recommended by Karsten good
for some theory but less good for everyday queries. The most readable
reference I know is Dick Grunne's book on parsing published a few
years ago by Ellis Horwood and now sadly out of print, but obtainable
from your library, perhaps? Personally I find the treatment in the
dragon book repetetive and disorganised.


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