Testers wanted: MPEG-4 signal processing language

Eric Scheirer <eds@media.mit.edu>
5 Dec 1997 00:59:29 -0500

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Testers wanted: MPEG-4 signal processing language eds@media.mit.edu (Eric Scheirer) (1997-12-05)
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From: Eric Scheirer <eds@media.mit.edu>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 5 Dec 1997 00:59:29 -0500
Organization: Eric Conspiracy Secret Laboratories
Keywords: tools, realtime

For those of you compiler-types who also happen to be audio-types,
music-types, or signal-processing-types, the first public release of
my implementation of the signal processing language SAOL, part of the
MPEG-4 standard, is now available. I'd love to have help testing and
debugging it if anyone is interested in playing with an interesting
new language system.

SAOL is a new language developed for audio synthesis in MPEG-4; it
features a C-like grammar and several interesting features. The
fundamental data type is the signal, which means the whole language
implicitly loops through time. There's a template structure,
vectorized math, and a simple, object-oriented model. The language is
intended to make it easy to describe and implement signal-flow
networks like those used in the implementation of synthesizers and

SAOL is a revisitation of the language concepts embodied by languages
like Csound, Music-V, and Nyquist, for those of you familiar with

My implementation 'saolc' is an interpreter which handles the majority
of the language properly and produces sound files. It is the
reference software for this part of the MPEG-4 standard.

There's lots of information available on SAOL and its place within
MPEG-4 at the web site:


Best regards to all.

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