ParseView: call for guinea pigs

"Scott Stanchfield" <>
2 Dec 1997 12:10:17 -0500

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ParseView: call for guinea pigs (Scott Stanchfield) (1997-12-02)
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From: "Scott Stanchfield" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,
Date: 2 Dec 1997 12:10:17 -0500
Organization: MageLang Institute -
Keywords: parse, tools, debug

Hey there!

I'm getting close to the first alpha of ParseView, the visual debugger for
ANTLR 2.0. (Some old info is available at -- that will give you an idea of
what the tool does.)

I need some guinea pigs to try it out for me. I'd like to keep the group
fairly small so I only embarass myself with a few people.

I'm looking for people who are actively using ANTLR 2.0 (preferably the
latest 2.20 beta (b3))

Also -- if any people are using ANTLR 2.0 and VisualAge for Java, I've got a
few nifty hooks in ParseView to jump into the VisualAge debugger, inspect
data, and fun stuff like that.)

Let me know:
    timezone & best time to contact by phone if necessary
    home/work phone
    how much time you think you have to play with it
    computer type/OpSys/speed/memory
      (hopefully someone with a "slower" machine will play too...

My plans are to pre-alpha test with a small group for about a week to work
out silly kinks, then release it to the masses just before Christmas. This
first release should have:
    * parse tree display
    * scan tree display
    * token buffer display
    * step by rule entry, token match
    * jump to VisualAge debugger
    * inspect the current parser object

and if time
    * character buffer display
    * breakpoints
        = scanner/parser rule
    * scanned text view (a simple one, not the "relief map" yet)

This first version will be free. Not sure how long the "alpha/beta" period
will go. Depends on how much time I can devote to testing before letting
others have it ;)

Early next year I will release the "Pro" version which will include:
    * full breakpoint support including above plus
        = line number in file being parsed
        = text in file being parsed
    * relief-map scanned text view (see web page)
    * AST display
    * documentation on the ANTLR debugging API (so you can write
        your own specialized debuggers)

The pro version will require a registration fee.

Later in the year (2nd Q?) I'll add in static grammar analysis features like
first/follow sets, conflict displays, derivation trees. This data might
also become available at runtime during debugging...

Thanks for your interest!
-- Scott

Scott Stanchfield -
MageLang Institute -


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