Re: Turbo Pascal 1.0 trivia

Gregory Bond <>
28 Nov 1997 00:53:48 -0500

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From: Gregory Bond <>
Newsgroups: comp.lang.pascal.borland,comp.compilers,comp.lang.misc,comp.os.cpm
Date: 28 Nov 1997 00:53:48 -0500
Organization: ITG Australia Ltd. Melbourne, Australia
References: 97-11-139
Keywords: Pascal, history

Arne Frick <> writes:

      Remember the original Turbo Pascal for CP/M compiler from Borland? A
      colleague claims it was based on p-code, but my memory tells me
      otherwise. As far as I remember, it was the first native-code
      compiler for Pascal at the time.

      [As I recall, it was native code. UCSD Pascal was P-code. -John]

I concur with our esteemed moderator, and would add that Turbo Pascal
was by no means the first native compiler. Borland didn't even write
Turbo Pascal. They bought an existing prduct called Compass Pascal,
which used to sell for around $400, rebadged it, sold it for $50, and
made an absolute fortune.

who was actually paid money to write Compass Pascal code on a
Z-80/S-100 system around '82.... And weren't they cross when Turbo
Pascal came out!
Gregory Bond ITG Australia Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
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