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"Scott Stanchfield" <>
24 Nov 1997 23:39:49 -0500

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From: "Scott Stanchfield" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 24 Nov 1997 23:39:49 -0500
Organization: MageLang Institute -
References: 97-11-124
Keywords: courses

FYI -- Dr. Moore is the guy y'all can blame for getting me interested in
compilers... Damn fine teacher IMHO!

He teaches evening graduate courses at Johns Hopkins in Montgomery County,
MD, so I assume he's looking for a book that would make a good course text.

  -- Scott

Scott Stanchfield --
Magelang Institute --

John I. Moore, Jr. <> wrote
>Can anyone suggest good references for designing/implementing
>abstract syntax trees? One good reference that I am aware of
>is the book Programming Language Processors by David A. Watt
>(Prentice-Hall,1993), but I am looking for others.


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