flex CR/LF problems

"Michael Herf" <mherf@metacreations.com>
7 Nov 1997 00:50:18 -0500

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flex CR/LF problems mherf@metacreations.com (Michael Herf) (1997-11-07)
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From: "Michael Herf" <mherf@metacreations.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 7 Nov 1997 00:50:18 -0500
Organization: Silicon Beach - Business Internet Services
Keywords: lex, question

I have a question about using gnu Flex (Cygnus' win32 port) to lex
files generated on either a Mac or a PC. Can anyone tell me how to
get the scanner to generically match "$" or "\n" as the appropriate
thing for input files originating from _either_ platform? (i.e. one
scanner that understands both).

The flex that I'm using under win32 generates CR/LF code for this
case, and that currently works fine. The problem is in reading files
with only a CR -- it dies quite badly.


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