ANNOUNCE: Shade V5.32C is Available (SPARC analysis tool)

Greg Lueck <lueck@gurgi.East.Sun.COM>
29 Oct 1997 23:18:58 -0500

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ANNOUNCE: Shade V5.32C is Available (SPARC analysis tool) lueck@gurgi.East.Sun.COM (Greg Lueck) (1997-10-29)
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From: Greg Lueck <lueck@gurgi.East.Sun.COM>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.arch,comp.benchmarks,comp.unix.solaris
Date: 29 Oct 1997 23:18:58 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Distribution: inet
Keywords: tools, sparc, available

I would like to announce the availability of a new and improved
version of Shade and Spixtools for SPARC systems running Solaris or
SunOS. These program tracing and analysis tools are available free of
charge from the following web site:

These tools allow application developers, computer architects, and
researchers to study the low-level behavior of SPARC executables.
Shade is a framework for developing instruction tracing and simulation
tools. Shade simulates the execution of an application and provides a
programming interface that allows the user to collect arbitrary data
while the application runs. The interface allows you to write tools
that collect trace data and process it on the fly, or you can dump the
trace data to a file and post processes it with an architectural
simulator. The Shade kit also contains a number of pre-written tools
to perform common tasks such as cache simulation, instruction-level
profiling, and register window analysis.

The web site above provides documentation for Shade, pointers to
technical papers, and the ability to download the software. You can
also send us feedback or add yourself to the Shade mailing list.

If you have used Shade in the past, you will want to check out this
new version since there have been a number of improvements. Many bugs
have been fixed that exhibited themselves only in unusual, complex, or
large applications. As a result, Shade is now able to trace large
real-world programs, including the Java virtual machine, netscape, and
several large database servers.

Greg Lueck

Contracting for
Sun Microsystems

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