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Robert Bernecky <>
29 Oct 1997 23:11:30 -0500

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From: Robert Bernecky <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 29 Oct 1997 23:11:30 -0500
Organization: ACC TelEnterprises Ltd.
References: 97-10-109
Keywords: optimize, analysis

Roger McFarlane wrote:

> I'm looking for interesting articles pertaining to side-effect
> analysis. Of particular interest would be an article which
> considers a multi-threaded run-time environment.

APEX, my APL-to-SISAL compiler, does considerable analysis
of side effects, because of APL's scoping rules. This work was
greatly simplified by the use of Static Single Assignment to determine
who is tinkering which variables when. Check POPL 1989 for Cytron's

Of course, if your interest is in untangling pointers-to-something,
this won't help much, and you can look forward to reading many
many papers on disambiguation of pointers, or go to a pointer-free

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