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Announcing: PACT-97 Program (Thomas M. DeBoni) (1997-10-01)
Announcing: PACT-97 Program (Thomas M. DeBoni) (1997-10-21)
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From: "Thomas M. DeBoni" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 21 Oct 1997 21:27:49 -0400
Organization: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Keywords: conference, parallel

                                                              ADVANCE PROGRAM

                                                International Conference on
                              Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques

                                                        November 10-14, 1997
                                                              Ramada Hotel
                                                San Francisco, CA, 94103 USA
                                                      (415) 826-8000 (voice)
                                                      (415) 861-1460 (fax)


(Please use the web site to register for the conference and to make hotel


Wednesday, November 12, 1997
How Deep Blue Beat Victor Kasparov
Dr. Joe Hoane
T.J. WatsonResearch Center

Thursday, November 13, 1997
Concurrent Design of a Compiler and an Architecture
Dr. Burton Smith
Tera Computer Company

Friday, November 14, 1997
Challenge of Supporting Architecture-Indepedent Programming on Parallel
Distributed Computer Systems
Dr. Ken Kennedy
Rice University

Tuesday, November 11, 1997

1. Java Programming and Compilation; Milind Girkar, Intel Corporation;

2. Instruction Level Parallel Processing: Architectures and Code
Dr Henk Corporaal, Delft University of Technology; full day.

3. Distributed Discrete SimulationOpportunities and Pitfalls; Dr. ir. Erik
Dirkx, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; half day (morning).

4. Distributed Shared Memory: Concepts and Systems - The 1997 Update;
Protic, Milo Tomasevic, Veljko Milutinovic, IFACT; half day (afternoon).

General Chair: John Feo; Tera Computer Company
Program Chair: Alex Nicolau; UC, Irvine
Tutorial Chair: Andrew Wendelborn; University of Adelaide
Finance Chair: Walid Najjar; Colorado State University
Publicity Chair: Thomas M. DeBoni; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Arrangements: Judy Michels; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The International Federation of Information Processing Societies, Working
Group 10.3 for Concurrent Systems.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Computer Society.

The Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group on


Monday, November 11
1500 - 1700 - Tutorial registration

Tuesday, November 12
0830 - 1000 - Tutorial, first morning session
1000 - 1030 - Break
1030 - 1200 - Tutorial, second morning session
1200 - 1330 - Lunch
1330 - 1500 - Tutorial, first afternoon session
1500 - 1530 - Break
1530 - 1700 - Tutorial, second afternoon session
1500 - 1700 - Conference registration
1800 - 2100 - Reception

Wednesday, November 13
0800 - 0830 - Continantal Breakfast
0830 - 1000 - Keynote Speech I
1000 - 1030 - Break
1030 - 1200 - Session I. Analysis and Code Optimizations
1) Locality Analysis for Parallel C Programs; Yingchun Zhu and Laurie J.
Hendren; McGill University.
2) Heap Analysis and Optimizations for Threaded Programs; Xinan Tang,
Ghiya, Laurie J. Hendren, and Guang R. Gao; McGill University and
of Delaware.
3) Interprocedural Distribution Assignment Placement: More Than Just
Enhancing Intraprocedural Placing Techniques; Jens Knoop and Eduard
Universitat Passau and Universitat Wien.
1200 - 1330 - Lunch
1330 - 1500 - Session II. Networks/Communication Optimization
1) The Effect of Limited Network Bandwidth and its Utilization by Latency
Hiding Techniques in Large-scale Shared Memory Systems; Sunil Kim and
Alexander V. Veidenbaum; IBM and University of Illinois at Chicago.
2) Efficient Personalized Communication on Wormhole Networks; Fabrizio
Petrini and Marco Vanneschi; Universita di Pisa.
3) Empirical Evaluation of Deterministic and Adaptive Routing with
Area Routers; Dianne Miller and Walid Najjar; Colorado State University.
1500 - 1530 - Break
1530 - 1700 - Session III. ILP Optimization/Code Scheduling
1) A Register Pressure Sensitive Instruction Scheduler for Dynamic Issue
Processors; Raul E. Silvera, Jian Wang, R. Govindarajan, and Guang R. Gao;
McGill University.
2) A Parallel Algorithm for Compile-Time Scheduling of Parallel Programs
Multiprocessors; Yu-Kwong Kwok and Ishfaq Ahmad; The Hong Kong University
Science and Technology.
3) Path Profile Guided Partial Dead Code Elimation Using Predication;
Gupta, David A. Berson, and Jesse Z. Fang; University of Pittsburgh and
Intel Corporation.
1730 - 1830 - Session IV. Short Papers Presentations
1) The PROMIS Compiler Prototype; Carrie Brownhill, Alexandru Nicolau,
Novack, and Constantine Polychronopoulos; University of California, Irvine
and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2) Improving the Memory Bandwidth of Highly-Integrated, Wide-Issue, Micro-
processor-Based Systems; David H. Albonesi and Israel Koren; University of
Rochester and University of Massachusetts.
3) Parallel Execution of Radix Sort Program using Fine-Grain
Yuetsu Kodama, Hirofumi Sakane, Koike Hanpei, Mitsuhisa Sato, Shuichi
and Yoshinori Yamaguchi; Electrotechnical Laboratory.
4) Interprocedural Array Remapping; Michal Cierniak and Wei Li; University
of Rochester.
5) Design of Heterogenous Multi-processor Embedded Systems: Applying
Functional Pipelining; Ireneusz Karkowski and Henk Corporaal; Delft
University of Technology.
5) VLIW Across Multiple Superscalar Processors On A Single Chip: A Smart
Compiler and a Smart Machine; Soohong P. Kim, Raymond R. Hoare, and Henry
G. Dietz; Purdue University.
1830 - 2100 - Reception and Poster Presentations

Thursday, November 14
0800 - 0830 - Continantal Breakfast
0830 - 1000 - Keynote Speech II
1000 - 1030 - Break
1030 - 1200 - Session IV. Profiling and Prediction Based Optimizations
1) Path Prediction for High Issue-Rate Processors; Kishore N. Menezes,
W. Sathaye and Thomas M. Conte; North Carolina State University.
2) Buffer-Safe Communication Optimization based on Data Flow Analysis and
Performance Prediction; Thomas Fahringer and Eduard Mehofer; University of
3) MDL: A Language and Compiler for Dynamic Program Instrumentation;
Hollingsworth, Barton Miller, Marcelo Gonccalves, Oscar Naim, Zhichen Xu,
Ling Zheng; University of Maryland and University of Wisconsin.
1200 - 1330 - Lunch
1330 - 1500 - Session V. Compilation Issues for Multiprocessors
1) Optimally Synchronizing Loops on Shared Memory Multiprocessors;
Rajamony and Alan Cox; Rice University.
2) Two Techniques for Static Array Partitioning on Message-Passing
Machines; Eric Hung-Yu Tseng and Jean-Luc Gaudiot; University of Southern
3) Compiler Algorithms for Optimizing Locality and Parallelism on Shared
Distributed Memory Machines; M. Kandemir, J. Ramanujam, and A. Choudhary;
Syracuse University; Louisiana State University, and Northwestern
1500 - 1530 - Break
1530 - 1700 - Session VI. Compiler/Architecture Interaction in Parallelism
1) Effective Usage of Vector Registers in Advanced Vector Architectures;
Villa, Roger Espasa, and Mateo Valero; Universitat Politecnica de
2) Static Locality Analysis for Cache Management; F. Jesus Sanchez,
Gonzalez, and Mateo Valero; Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya.
3) Overcoming Limitations of Prefetching in Multiprocessors by Compiler-
Initiated Coherence Actions; Jonas Skeppstedt; Chalmers University of

Friday, November 15
0800 - 0830 - Continantal Breakfast
0830 - 1000 - Keynote Speech III
1000 - 1030 - Break
1030 - 1200 - Session VII. High Level Parallelization
1) Towards a Time and Space Efficient Functional Implementation of a Monte
Carlo Photon Transport Code; J.P. Hammes and A.P.W. Bohm; Colorado State
2) Direct Generation of Data-Driven Program for Stream-Oriented
Kei Karasawa, Makoto Iwata, and Hiroaki Terada; Osaka University and Kochi
University of Technology.
3) Determining the Idle Time of a Tiling: New Results; Yves Robert,
Desprez, Jack Dongarra and Fabrice Rastello; University of Tennessee at

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