Newbie questions on interpreter implementation...

Gael Tacht <>
16 Oct 1997 00:27:01 -0400

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From: Gael Tacht <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 16 Oct 1997 00:27:01 -0400
Organization: Disorganization
Keywords: interpreter, question


I am a long time C programmer with little experience with compiler
related issues, but I am interested in designing a simple, interpreted
script language which I could use to interface with an existing code

I'd like to find some tutorials or other online resources to help me
with this. I have some code examples of existing code (Python, LUA,
et al), but its kind of unintelligible since its a lot larger scope
than I am prepared to deal with. Some simple code examples might be

I've also looked through some books on compiler design, but most of
them seem concerned with explaining how to re-implement LEX/YACC and
are overly complex for the task I am looking for. I find that I learn
much better by doing than by reading textbooks, so its easier if I can
work my way into it slowly.

If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, I'd certainly
appreciate hearing from you. If this is not the appropriate newsgroup
(I didn't see anything else even close), I apologize.

Thanks in advance!
[The usual advice is that unless you have a compelling need to reinvent
the wheel, just use one of the existing extension languages. TCL probably
has the simplest internal design, deep down it's just a macro expander. -John]


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