Re: Searching Perl(5) grammar

Tom Phoenix <>
8 Oct 1997 00:44:32 -0400

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From: Tom Phoenix <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,
Date: 8 Oct 1997 00:44:32 -0400
Organization: Society for the Elimination of Unwarranted Excess Superfluous Text in Internet Header Lines
References: 97-10-026
Keywords: parse

On 3 Oct 1997, Gerd Weishaar wrote:

> I'm searching for a Perl grammar with the purpose to develope an
> analysis tool for perl programs.

There's some work being done on the Perl development team to make a
general-purpose tool which would parse a Perl script and hand it off to
some routine which could then pretty-print it, analyze it, or whatever. I
don't know how far this project has gotten. If you're interested in
working on this project, let me know by private email and I'll try to put
you in touch with the folks who could use your help.

Hope this helps!

Tom Phoenix PGP Skribu al mi per Esperanto!

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