Full release of SimpleScalar 2.0 now available

dburger@roquefort.cs.wisc.edu (Douglas Burger)
13 Jul 1997 11:36:47 -0400

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Full release of SimpleScalar 2.0 now available dburger@roquefort.cs.wisc.edu (1997-07-13)
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From: dburger@roquefort.cs.wisc.edu (Douglas Burger)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 13 Jul 1997 11:36:47 -0400
Organization: U of Wisconsin CS Dept
Keywords: architecture, tools

Greetings! Todd Austin, Doug Burger, and the Wisconsin Multiscalar
group are pleased to announce the second major release of the
SimpleScalar microprocessor simulator tool set.

The new release, version 2.0, features better speed, better
portability (Linux, Windows NT), *much* better documentation, bug
fixes, new utilities, and new processor simulators.

To learn more about the new version of the tool suite, or obtain the
tools, please point your web browser at the following site:


The new technical report describing the release, installation
instructions, and simulator internals, is available at:


The release itself is available in the following directory:


We hope that you find this tool set useful, and would welcome comments
and/or your questions.

Best Regards,

Todd Austin (taustin@ichips.intel.com), Intel MicroComputer Research Labs
Doug Burger (dburger@cs.wisc.edu), UW-Madison Computer Sciences Department

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